Freeform architecture modeling

Alberta Art Gallery, by Randall Stout architects

Art gallery of Alberta by Randall Stout Architects

Rhino is known for its unique capabilities to work with NURBS geometry (non-uniform rational B-spline). The NURBS geometry has some essential qualities that makes it the best option for CAD/3D modeling software.

  • Precise complex geometry: NURBS can represent in an extremely precise way any kind of geometry: from curves, circles, ellipses, spheres or torus, to complex free-form geometry as car shells or human bodies.
  • Lighter files: the amount of information required to generate a complex geometry is way lower using NURBS than with any other method.
  • Control Points: NURBS curves and surfaces are highly intuitive and predictable to edit through control points.

VisualARQ objects support NURBS and can be created from NURBS geometry.

Curve Tools and 2D Drawing


  • Curve creation: lines, polylines, rectangles, polygons, circles, ellipses, control point curves, interpolate points curves…
  • Curve edition: fillet, chamfer, offset, extend, trim, split, join, rebuild…. Curves can be edited through control points.
  • From curves to 3D objects: VisualARQ walls, curtain walls, beams, railings, doors, windows, openings, slabs and roofs can be created from curves. Surfaces and Solids can be also created from curves.


  • Surface creation: from points, curves, solid edges, lofts, revolves, sweeps, patches…
  • Surface modeling: fillet, chamfer, offset, extend, trim, split, join, rebuild… Surfaces can be edited through control points.

Solid Tools and Solids


  • Primitive shapes: box, sphere, cylinder, cone, pyramid, tube, ellipsoid, torus…
  • Complex solids modeling: boolean operations, move edges, faces, shell, add holes, fillet edges, trim, split…