National Colombian History Museum by SistemaFormal

This project has been created by SistemaFormal Arquitectura for the tender concerning the National Colombian History Museum in Bogotá using Rhino and VisualARQ tools. According to SistemaFormal Arquitectura… “The historical memory approach: The National Columbian History Museum is a place intending to remember everyone involved in on-going conflict, shunning metaphors or readings that might emphasise winners and losers. Consequently, what appears from the outside to be two counter-posed volumes is really a set of five irregular hexagons arranged at different heights. Once inside, the height, material and light variations strengthen experiences and gazes that culminate in the quasi-liturgical serenity of the mourning space. We understand historical memory as a process within which an infinite number of stories flow together involving their multiple facets; these are non obvious stories that have to be approached from different perspectives to really be understood properly. This makes the space complicit with the memory.” The SistemaFormal team used VisualARQ to generate project sections and documentation. They also found the Dynamic Section tool very useful to study and validate different spatial aspects that they wished to see in cross-section in the design phase. SistemaFormal is a research and design studio formed by Andrés Dejanon, Diego Chavarro, and Julian Ardila dedicated to the development and construction of architectural projects in different scales.