Water treatment station

Shek Wu Hui District- Hong Kong Shek Wu Hui is a district at the North of Hong Kong, close to the border with ShenZhen. A waste water treatment station is to be located there near existing residential areas. In order to make the project easier to be engaged by the local community, the Water Utility Department at AECOM (WUD) proposed to add a community center to the program and requested an architectural design for the other utility buildings at the facility. Read the full project description here. This model was made using Rhino, Grasshopper and VisualARQ. It’s planned to be constructed. Credits:
  • Project leaders : Mark Molen and Aretin Altmann
  • Design for Utility buildings and BIM : Daly Moreno and Leis Ho
  • Renderings : Ken Chen
  • Source: www.daly2.com