Thanks for purchasing VisualARQ!

Download VisualARQ from the following links:

Activate your license:

After installing VisualARQ, open the License Mode dialog (VisualARQ pull-down menu > License…), select Standalone and enter your License key. Then restart Rhino to apply changes.


  • Use your license key to download VisualARQ updates when there is a new release available.
  • Visit the VisualARQ forum to post your projects, ask questions, or share ideas with other users.
  • Contact us for any problem, question or request. We are happy to help!

Learning Material:

  • Help: The Help file is available in the Rhino drop-down menu after installing VisualARQ.
  • Video Tutorial: This step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through the VisualARQ features with the Ville Savoye modeling project.
  • Video Gallery
  • Tips & Tricks