How can I create and select openings?

The operation and behaviour of an opening is identical to the one of a window or a door.

Steps to create a new opening:

  1. Run the _vaOpening command (from the command line or VisualARQ drop-down menu).
  2. Specify the opening insertion options in the opening insert dialog box.
  3. Insert the opening inside a wall in the model.

After the opening is inserted you may realize that it is difficult to select. There is an easy way to solve that: Adding a frame component to the opening:

  1. Open the Opening styles dialog (type _vaOpeningStyles in the command line  or from the VisualARQ drop-down menu, select Opening > Opening Styles.)
  2. Add a frame to the current Opening style: Right-click on the opening style name and the context menu will be displayed: select New > Opening frame
  3. Press “Ok” or Enter to accept the changes and close the styles dialog. 

The frame component will appear for all openings that had the style modified. The Openings objects are usually created in a layer called “Openings”*. Just turn this layer off to hide the opening frame component, and turn it on to select the opening object and modify it.

(*)Note: If the layer “Openings” isn’t created by default, just assign the opening frame component to a new layer from the “Attributes” tab  after selecting this frame component in the Opening styles dialog box.