Casa de Vidro

The Casa de Vidro is one of the first examples of modern architecture. It is immersed in the lush vegetation of Morumbi, south of the city of São Paulo (Brazil). This project is an iconic architectural work of Brazilian modernism, born with the clear intention of respecting the environment and achieving a direct integration and dialog between architecture and nature. In response to this intention, the house is built around a majestic tree that existed long before the house was built, with transparent walls supported by thin pillars, in direct contact with the surrounding landscape.

This project is recently modeled with VisualARQ and Lands Design for Rhino.

  • Project author: Architect Lina Bo Bardi – Year: 1951
  • The architectural modeling was done with VisualARQ by Affonso Orciuoli – RBFD Tecnologia.
  • The exterior design and the terrain modeling were designed with Lands Design.
  • The rendering was done with Enscape.