VisualARQ 2.11 available

VisualARQ 2.11 No Projection for Section Views VisualARQ 2.11 is now available for download.

This new service release includes some new features and fixes most of the issues reported by users:

  • IFC: import and export options dialog to import models with data or as geometry only.
  • 2D Views: option to show plan and section views with no projection.
  • Scale openings: now you can scale doors and windows with the Rhino Scale commands.
  • Tags: multiline tags, display custom parameters and Grasshopper styles parameters in tags.
  • Spaces: display custom parameters in space labels, with the desired order.
  • Performance: important enhancement of display performance and generation of 2D plan and section views.
  • Grasshopper components: edit wall and slab layer offsets from Grasshopper.

See the complete list in What’s new.

Check some of the new features below:

Download it!

This is a free service release for all VisualARQ users and works on Rhino 5, Rhino 6, and Rhino 7.
  1. If you are a VisualARQ user, download VisualARQ 2.11
  2. If you are an Evaluation user, download the new Evaluation version to test the new features.