Is it possible to create irregular walls or walls from Rhino geometry?

Yes, it is.

The VisualARQ walls created in the model with the _vaWallVisualARQ Wall command icon command, or from curves , are always created vertically and have a regular height and width.

However, there are different ways to create walls with irregular shapes:

  1. Wall from Solid _vaWallFromSolidVisualARQ wall from solid command : Option to turn Rhino polysurfaces into VisualARQ walls.
  2. Add solids _vaAddSolidsVisualARQ add solids command icon and Subtract Solids _vaSubtractSolidsVisualARQ subtract solids command icon : boolean operations between Rhino Solids and VisualARQ walls. (See this Tip for more information on VisualARQ boolean operations).
  3. Wall Extend _vaWallExtendva_wallextendtosrf : Option to extend walls vertically to any kind of open surface, polysurface or VisualARQ object (slab, roof, stair, etc…).

Wall from Solid

This option allows you to create a VisualARQ wall from a solid object modeled in Rhino. This solid must be a closed extrusion or polysurface. You also need to create a base curve that will determine the position -inside the wall- in which the doors and windows will be inserted. This base curve must be planar and open.

  1. Run the _vaWallFromSolidVisualARQ wall from solid command command.
  2. Select the solid you wish to convert into a wall.
  3. Select the base curve.

Things to take into account after creating a wall from a Rhino solid:

  1. Once the solid object has turned into a wall you can start inserting doors and windows, which will be located inside the wall following the base curve.
  2. The resulting wall can be deformed using the vertical control arrows and the horizontal control points _PointsOnRhino Points on command icon, which are the same as the control points of the base curve.
  3. The resulting wall, which has one wall style assigned, will not get its thickness and components composition, but its attributes (hatch pattern, printing properties, display options, etc…).
  4. Walls created from solids do not perform the intersection with other walls correctly.

Some examples of walls created from Rhino solids:

Wall from solid 2 Wall from solid 1