3.3 First floor columns

Create the first floor columns

The process to create the columns of the First floor is the same as the one for the ground floor columns. Turn on the First floor bitmap layer.
  1. Run the _vaColumn command  or _Copy  the columns from the Ground floor to the First floor.
  2. Move  , _Copy  , and _Delete the columns according to the First floor bitmap.
TIP: To select all  columns of the model you can use the VisualARQ Select commands:
  • Run the _vaSelSameType command.
  • Select any column. All column objects will be selected.
This can also be done from the context menu of any column:
  • Select a column and right click to open the context menu: Column > Select > “All Columns”.
(You can also do this if you need to select all columns that belong to the same style with the _vaSelSameStyle command.)

Modify the column properties

Change the columns height, style or any other property from one of these two dialogs:
  1. The VisualARQ Properties in the Rhino Properties dialog box
  2.  The VisualARQ Object Properties dialog box (you can do a multiple selection of columns and modify their properties at the same time).

Edit the column styles

Change the style and profile of a column

  1. To change the style of a column just select it and go to the Properties Panel, under Column you will find the Style combo.
  2. To change the profile size, from the same panel use the Profile combo instead. You can select an existing one or choose “Other” to enter the dimensions.

Edit the style

  1. To edit the style open the Column Styles dialog box (_vaColumnStyles) and select the column style you wish to modify.
  2. To create a new profile size go to the Sizes tab and add a new profile size.
  3. To change the 2D representation go to the Attributes tab, and for example extend the Hatch combo to pick any hatch (i.e. “solid”).
The VisualARQ 2 column styles dialog with a Round column style selected.
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