3.4 First Floor Ramp

The process of creating the ramp of the First floor can be the same as the one done in the Ground floor. Let’s take advantage of the work already done. Create the ramp:
  1. _Copy  the top surfaces of the Ground floor ramp, 3 meters up. (from the Right or the Front Viewport).
  2. Draw an auxiliary line  in the Terrace floor elevation. (Activate the CPlane of the Terrace floor in the level manager, from the Perspective viewport.)
  3. Use the _Scale1D  command in the Right Viewport to scale the ramp surfaces copy, from the bottom level to the auxiliary line created.
  4. Select the 3 ramp surfaces and _Extrude  them -0.2m.
  5. _Group  the 3 resulting polysurfaces.
  6. _Delete the central fence coming from the Ground floor with the _Trim command :
Trim the standing over geometry:
  1. Create an auxiliary line in the first floor elevation.
  2. From the Right viewport, _Trim the central fence polysurfaces that stands over the First floor elevation with the line created.
  3. _Cap  the trimmed volumes (Cap planar holes in Rhino drop-down menu > solid) in order to have closed polysurfaces.

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