Ground floor doors:

Insert a new door

  1. Run the _vaDoor command   or click on the door icon in the Object toolbar. The door insert dialog box will appear with the list of existing door styles.
  2. Select the Door style (i.e “Hinged”) you wish to insert and the basic insert options (alignment, plan and model aperture (%), etc. In case of Profile dimensions, choose “Other” to use a different size than the one by default.
(TIP: Use the Rule icon , inside the Width dimension field to assign an approximate Width value to the door according to the Ground floor bitmap.
  1. Insert the door in the model:
    1. Specify the insertion point.
    2. Specify the door opening side by left-clicking on the desired side of the wall.

Change the door parameters

The parameters of the Door object can be edited in two different ways:
  1.  VisualARQ Properties in the Rhino Properties dialog box.
  2.  VisualARQ Object Properties dialog box.
Copy doors: You can copy doors from one wall to another with the _Copy command . The door will recognize where the closest wall is and it will be placed according to the wall base line alignment.

Door control points

You can change the door opening side and position using its control points (select the door and run the _PointsOn command ).

Insert the rest of the doors.

Repeat the previous steps to insert the other doors of the ground floor by running the door command or by copying doors from one wall to another and changing their properties afterwards.

Main entrance door

You can see how to insert the main door and the other door in the curtain wall in Curtain walls chapter.

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