New VisualARQ Grasshopper Components exercises: Create slabs and stairs

You can follow these easy step-by-step exercises to learn how to create slabs and stairs in Grasshopper using VisualARQ Grasshopper Components.

Create a stair:

This exercise shows the basic steps to create a VisualARQ stair in Grasshopper. First assign a curve to the stair as the path, and then define the other stair parameters (height, number of steps, steps dimensions, alignment, stair slab start and end thickness, etc.). Since it is not possible in the current version of VisualARQ (1.8) to create stairs from curve types other than lines, polylines or arcs, it is not possible to do so in Grasshopper either. In future versions of VisualARQ, stairs will be able to be created from any curve type. If you select an arc as the stair path, you will create a spiral stair. The exercise also shows how to create new stair styles and a trick to flip the stair direction. Once you bake the stair, it becomes a native VisualARQ stair object in Rhino. VisualARQ stairs in Grasshopper

Create slabs:

This exercise shows different examples to create and edit VisualARQ slabs in Grasshopper.
  • 1. Create a slab.
  • 2. Define the slab parameters.
  • 3. Subtract a boundary from a slab.
  • 4. Link stair contours with slab holes.
  • 5. Create multilevel slabs from a volume.
When slabs are baked, they become native VisualARQ slabs in Rhino, as all VisualARQ objects created in Grasshopper. VisualARQ slabs in Grasshopper