Holiday apartments at Koukkumetsä forest

This project features a group of holiday apartments at the Koukkumetsä forest, near the ski resort in Ruka, Finland.
The different apartments have been designed taking two different prototypes, one consisting in twin dwellings of 56,9 m2 each, and the other one in 81,9m2 dwelling.

The design is inspired by the magic and calm of the nature in the Koukkumetsä forest that surrounds the area. The interior design searches for quietness, natural light, roomy stay and furnishing elements follows the Scandinavian style.

The apartments have been constructed mostly with solid CLT timber, either in the exterior and interior elements, for the purpose of using sustainable and friendly materials.

The project has been fully developed with Rhino and VisualARQ, which helped to create the model in 3D and generate the 2D drawings. Renders have been made with Maxwell.

Project designed by the Finnish architects Geometria. Images provided by Toni Osterlund (Geometria)

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