Railway terminal

This project features the work of Vimalraj, a student in Architecture and Planning from Chennai, India. Project description: Transit Oriented Development (Railway Terminal)

“The objective was to design a building to be moved beyond the idea of the railway terminal as purely a transportation hub, and as an extension of civic life.

VisualARQ helped me visualize my design in an easier and convenient way of the project from the initial stages to its final output.

I used VisualARQ to build up the total structure of the project and building up the model. VisualARQ helped me save time to complete my model within the short time frame of my Design subject. For the final rendering I used Lumion 10, and the result was as expected as my vision. Then I used Premiere Pro to edit my film and used Davinci Resolve to color grade.

You can watch a really nice video of the project here.

  • Author: Vimal Raj
  • Contact: drajvimal25@gmail.com
  • Instagram: @VimalRaj