Rhino, VisualARQ and Grasshopper workshops: your summer temptation

Rhino + VisualARQ for Architecture - July 19-20, by SomewhereSomething Take advantage of this training opportunity. This summer, in Los Angeles, several courses on Rhino, Grasshopper and VisualARQ will take place. You have two ways to approach this:
  • The first one: you are a very formal and disciplined professional, interested in expanding your knowledge about the world of Rhino and Rhino-related products. There is so much to discover! In four short and intense workshops, you will get to know more about the software that will make your work in architecture much easier.
  • The second one: you are a busy professional who deserves a break without feeling guilty. Sunny California is waiting for you. In addition to touring Los Angeles, taking a close look at the beaches, succumbing to the temptation of going up along the Big Sur coast to San Francisco, you can devote a few days to your perfect alibi: attending some workshops on computer software, which will prove so useful when you’ll get back to your work.
In both cases, check out this tempting offer by SomewhereSomething. You can sign up for one or several courses:
  • Advanced Rhino: Case Study – June 21-22 Participants will use Rhino to model a residential project in detail. The model will then be “sliced” up to create a standard set of architectural drawings.
  • Intro to Grasshopper – June 28-29 This 2-day introduction to Grasshopper will focus on an overview of the plug-in, geometry types, geometry construction and transformation, list and data tree management.
  • Rhino + VisualARQ for Architecture – July 19-20 This session will focus on Rhino’s powerful drafting & layout tools. VisualARQ plug-in will also be used to add architectural features and parametric architectural objects that generate and update 2D drawings in real-time.
  • Armed Forces – August 2-3 Each participant will fabricate and assemble a small prototype of a multi-axis arm, controlled with a variety of sensory inputs. The project will be developed in Grasshopper and Firefly, using the Arduino microcontroller.
It’s impossible not to find any of these courses attractive. Go ahead and take a look! Location SomewhereSomething 2558 N. San Fernando Rd, Studio A8 Los Angeles, CA 90065