VisualARQ presentations in Brazil

VisualARQ in SIGraDi 2012, Fortaleza

When: November 15th 2012 (12-14.00h) Where: Universidade de Fortaleza (UNIFOR)

VisualARQ in Unicamp, Campinas

When: November 21st 2012 (10-12.00h) Where: Auditório da FEC, Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP) A presentation of VisualARQ will take place on November 15th during the Conferences of SIGgraDi 2012 in Fortaleza, Brazil. Francesc Salla (VisualARQ Product Manager) will participate in the conferences and will show VisualARQ with the collaboration of Affonso Orciuoli, who will hold one of the Sigradi workshops on Grasshopper and digital fabrication (November 7th-12th). On November 21st, we will move to Campinas for a new VisualARQ presentation at the FEC (Facultade de Eng. Civil, arq. e urb.), in Unicamp (Universidade de Campinas). This presentation is organized by LAPAC. Both VisualARQ presentations will show the main VisualARQ features and will be focused on the following topics:
  • How VisualARQ improves the workflow of architecture modeling within Rhino.
  • BIM features that VisualARQ adds to Rhino.
  • How to create, edit and work with parametric architectural objects.
  • How to get a project documentation (floor plan drawings, sections, elevations, objects quantification lists) from a 3D  model.
  • VisualARQ Dynamic Section
SIGgraDi 2012 The XVI SIGraDi Conference will take place in Fortaleza, Brazil. This year, it will happen in three steps: SIGraDi.Lab: (October 1st and November 9th). It aims to educate and to sensitize more people, through actions of local focus and longer temporality. Workshops: (November 7th to November 12th) The 4 SIGraDi 2012 Workshops will be focused in the following subjects: Shape Grammar, Generative Components, Grasshopper-Digital Fabrication and Movement-Image. Conferences: (November 13rd to November 16th) Under the theme form(in)formation, it will address the following subthemes: Poetics of design, Information modeling and simulation, Information design and inferface, Design processes, Collaborative environment as a support for design, New production systems, Teaching strategies and curriculum. The SIGraDi (Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics) congresses gathers researchers, educators and professionals in architecture, urban design, communication design, Product Design and Art whose work involves the new digital media. The congresses are intended as a region wide effort for the interchange of experiences, debate of our disciplines’ advancements and the creation of references for the iberoamerican groups involved in digital media applied to education, research and professional practice. Click here to visit to the official website of Sigradi 2012 and get more information and registration details.