Rhino 7 announced

Rhino 7 logo on the left plus the VisualARQ logo on the right Rhino 7 has been recently announced! Take a look at the most relevant new features: https://www.rhino3d.com/7/new/ VisualARQ is already available for Rhino 7 since version 2.9. That means that you can already try VisualARQ running inside Revit (check this video), the page layout manager, include SubD geometry in your architectural projects and many other amazing enhancements. If you own a VisualARQ license, you can update for free to VisualARQ 2.9 and use it in Rhino 7. You will receive the link to install VisualARQ in Rhino 7 (as well as the links to install VisualARQ 2.9 in Rhino 5 and Rhino 6). If you are an evaluation user, you have now 90 days to try VisualARQ in Rhino 7.