Is it possible to create multiple levels at the same time instead of creating them individually?

Yes, this is possible with a Grasshopper definition that uses VisualARQ Grashopper components.


  1. Make sure you have VisualARQ loaded in your current document. You can do that by typing _vaInit or any other VisualARQ command like _vaWall.
  2. Type Grasshopper in the Command line in order to launch Grasshopper.
  3. Download and open the following file in Grasshopper: “Create Multiple
  4. In that definition you will see different parameters to edit for the “Building” component and for the “Levels” Component. These parameters are:
    • Building Name
    • Levels Name
    • Ground Floor Elevation
    • Floor/Level Height
    • # of Levels
  5. After setting the Levels parameters, select the Building Component, right-click, and select Bake.

The Building and levels will be now created in your document, according to the parameters entered in Grasshopper.

You can now modify the Levels and Building parameters from the Level Manager panel individually _vaLevels. If you want to change the entire Levels parameters again, delete the Building element in the Level Manager panel (all levels will be deleted as well), open Grasshopper, and repeat the process again.


In this video you can see an example of how to create a multilevel building in Grasshopper, that explains in detail how to create multiple levels at once.