Architectural 3D section views

Show the model in real-time section views using the Level visibility from the Level Manager and the Section activation from Section manager.
  • Great architectural section views:
    Show your model from section views and shot renders. The best way to describe it.
  • Vertical sections:
    Select a section line from the Section Manager to activate sections in the model. Sections can be activated from jogged section lines too.
  • Horizontal sections:
    Show and hide levels or activate a Level cut plane in any viewport from the Level Manager.
  • Clipping planes:
    The clipping plane object represents an infinite plane for visibly clipping away geometry in a specific viewport.
  • Improve project modeling:
    Turn sections and Levels cut planes on, as well as clipping planes, and work from the inside of the building. It makes it easier to select and edit objects.

Display modes

Rhino and VisualARQ provide different display modes that manage the appearance of viewports for your best workflow.
  • Standard display modes:
    Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, Ghosted, X-Ray, Technical, Artistic and Pen…
  • Hidden display mode:
    Aimed to show architectural drawings. Uses real-time silhouettes, creases and borders. Objects behind other objects are occluded.
  • Conceptual and Realistic display modes:Attractive display modes that improve the lighting settings, show real-time silhouette and the contour of curved surfaces, apply a thickness variation for contours and provide a transparency control of objects by layer. The Realistic display mode shows the textures of objects and activate the shadows.
  • Fully customizable:
    Lights, shadows, background, colors, edge thicknesses, visibility options and many more parameters to create your desired display mode.


Assign materials, texture mappings, backgrounds, add lights and generate realistic and artistic architectural views. Rhino provides its own built-in render engine but others can be used.
  • Rhino render
  • V-Ray for Rhino
  • Flamingo nXt
  • Maxwell render
  • Brazil
  • Thea render for Rhino
  • Neon